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Monday, March 3, 2008

Baconost - Bacon and Cheese in a Tube


I had to do some investigation to find out exactly what Baconost is. The product is made by Kavli, a Norwegian company, who produces soft cheese, kaviar, mayonnaise and crackers. Because I can't seem to find a Norwegian to English translator that works I decided to look around the web to find out what this stuff is. Basically it sounds like the Norwegian version of America's spray cheese except for this cheese has bacon it it as well! So I thought that maybe Norway had something that America did not but America and Kraft wouldn't let that happen.....Kraft Easy Cheese - Cheddar n' Bacon! Woot!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but baconost tastes nothing like Kraft cheddar cheese and's cream cheese and bacon and is sinfully good on toast with ham and cucumber. Kraft has nothing on this Norwegian commercial treat. =) I found your blog post when searching for a place to buy this in America.

Anonymous said...

Go to they sell it.