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Friday, March 28, 2008

WOT - Firefox Extension

With all the scammers, phishing and security issues of the internet it is always good to know when you think you are safe and when you think you are not. The WOT (Web of Trust) extension for the Firefox browser helps you surf the internet feeling a bit more safe. The WOT extension is designed to give you a rating on the sites Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy and Child Safety. These score can help you when you are thinking of purchasing a product from a fishy site or when you are checking out a website for your kids. If the website has poor ratings an alert will go off when you first go to the page to warn you of the issues. WOT also allows you to block certain websites with a poor rating and set custom preferences for your family. This extension is perfect for those friends and family of yours who don't seem to know the internet very good and could get themselves in trouble. It is also great for families worried about what their kid is surfing on the net. In fact it is good for all people, I have learned quite a lot since installing it and I especially love the Google search feature. Check it!

Here is a quick shot of it -

Download link
Demo Video


Diver Deb said...

Thanks for the great review of WOT. In the next few weeks we will be releasing a new version of Web of Trust which has a detailed scorecard showing the reasons behind the ratings. I hope you will check it out.

Web of Trust

leon said...

"WOT" might have some value in determining the suitability of a website for children (and the jury is out on that one!) But as a guide for the worthiness of a website it is pretentious and useless nonsense and has absolutely no credibility whatsoever in being able to assess within any degree of accuracy a website's inegrity. There are countless websites of long standing, highly reputable organisations advertising their services on the internet who have been labelled/displayed with a question mark. This happens in the organic search results and the sponsored listings on GOOGLE. Firefox are deceiving the public with this fake consumer information and everyone should be made aware of this useless tool which is provided under the guise of altruism but whose motives are probably more commercially inclined?

Simon said...

While I am sure there are some reputable companies out there that have been given a questionable rating, I personally have found this to be a pretty good gauge on many websites credibility. I don't use it as gospel but do make note when it gives me a warning. The only way the ratings will get better and be more accurate is if more users use the tool and rate the websites they visit. It is like all open source and free software works - the more input from the users, the better the tool gets. This is explained at the top of their page.....

"The WOT community helps make the Internet safer by sharing their experiences of websites and the services they offer. Join us and make the Internet safer by sharing your knowledge. It's easy and it's free."

Furthermore this has nothing to do with Firefox. The Firefox and Mozilla teams have nothing to do with most of the extensions that are built for the browser. AND this is not a Firefox-only tool, there is a WOT add-on built for the IE browser too