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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cool New Start-Ups On The Web

Here are a few new sites out on the web that I have been enjoying...

Twitter - Definitely not new as I think I have been a member for about a year now. Idea is pretty cool, you just update "what are you doing?" with links, thoughts, stories or just what you are doing. The info goes out to all your friends that are following you. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends that belong so it is kinda hard to get into Twitter. My Twitter Account

Pownce - In the same spirit as Twitter, Pownce allows you to post a note, link, image, video, file, event that will be shared with all your friends that follow you. This recent start up is co-founded by Digg and Diggnation extraordinaire Kevin Rose. I personally like the look and feel of Pownce more than Twitter but once again it is hard to get into it since I have no friends on it. My Pownce Account

FriendFeed - This new start-up mashes all your accounts into one feed including Facebook, Digg, Twitter, personal blog and more! You then share your account with your friends on FriendFeed. This is a great way for you and your friends to keep up on what you are doing on the web. Great idea but yet once again I have no friends so not as cool as it could be.My FriendFeed Account

SocialThing - Similar to FriendFeed but mashes up some different and some similar accounts. Right now this start-up is in the invite-only stages of its Beta-ness and there are only a few accounts that you can mash including Facebook, Pownce and Twitter. I like the layout and look of SocialThing more than FriendFeed but it doesn't have as much to offer. I still have 2 invites left so post a comment with your email if you are interested. No account info and yes, no friends either

Muxtape - This a cool new music site where you can upload your own music to make a personal mixtape. I think you can only upload around 12 songs but the thought is really cool! Once you have uploaded all your songs, organize and share it with your friends. This is a great way to learn about new music. Here is my muxtape that I threw together real quick and since I have no friends . I tried to follow the rules given by John Cusack in High Fidelity so let me know what you think and send me your muxtape!

Mint - This handy new start-up (though it has been out for awhile) helps you organize your finances and helps you zone in on where you can cut spending. You simple give the tool your online bank account, credit card, etc credentials and it generates report and ways that you could save. Very cool, plus I don't need any friends! Sorry no account information ;-)

Qik - This start-up is still in Alpha but looks pretty cool. The idea is streaming live video from phones. I am not sure how much I would get into this one but I think the idea is cool. Right now it only supports Nokia phones. Since it still is in Alpha I do not have an account and plus I don't have any friends

So please join in and Twitter with me, Pownce me, Be my friend on FriendFeed and/or SocialThing, send me your Muxtape, enjoy Mint and get ready for Qik! Are there some new start-ups out there that you use? Please send me links!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Allison said...

I would love a socialthing invite if you still have one. My address is messerina at gmail. thank you.

Simon said...

Invite sent....Enjoy!