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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jott, Even Better Than Oh, Don't Forget


A month or so ago I raved about the website Oh, Don't Forget for its ability to send you reminders. Now I have found something even better - Jott. With Jott you create an account linking to your phone number and email address, meaning that you can get reminders through either medium. To setup a reminder you can either login to the website and enter the details or you can call their 1-800 number, which knows you by your phone number, and speak the details which it will decipher. If it can't decipher it don't worry because it will save the audio for you to listen to an decipher yourself. This has been a life saver the last few days....Needed to remember to call a company to come fix my car windshield. Done. Needed to remember to shower before going to work. Done. Really this new service has been amazing for me.

The best feature of Jott I have saved until the end. You can save contacts (name,email,phone) in your account at so when you make a reminder you can send it to them. Here is an example - Say I have my fellow blogger Walter as one of my contacts on Jott with his name, phone number and email. Let's say I want to remind him on my birthday that he needs to buy me lots of presents...easy. I call the 1-800 number, it asks me who I want to Jott, I say Walter, it asks me what I want to Jott, I say buy Simon lots of presents, it asks me if I want it to be a reminder, yes and give it a day and time. Done, he gets an email and text message on my birthday and I get lots of presents. Of course you could do it via internet as well.

This is a great application for anyone who leads a busy life and I can see myself using it a lot. I think it would be perfect for that busy Mom scheduling stuff between kids school, kids activities and the rest of the craziness in her life. It would also be great for a busy Dad who needs to schedule tasks outside of work. Or great for that busy college student! I recommend it to all

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