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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dell's Mini Laptop

I am way excited for this computer as I have been waiting for months for Dell to respond to the recent mini laptop market explosion. I have always been a big fan of Dell because of their Ideastorm and the ability to have Ubuntu pre-installed on a few of their machines. So once I heard that they were going to come out with a mini laptop I decided I had to see it before buying another model. I really like the new Asus 900/901, but I hope Dell will steal my vote.


So now we have seen it but I want questions answered!

1) Size? Are we talking 7 inch, 9 inch or what?
2) Do we have the new Atom processor from Intel?
3) Will we have the option of flash memory? If so how big?
4) Will we be able to have Ubuntu pre-installed on it?
5) last but not least, price? $400, $500, $600, or more?

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