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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Return of the Nose Masks

And you thought you had seen it all!

Truly nutty ideas never die. Twenty years ago, Rick Meyerowitz, renowed Schnozzologist, created two wacky books of nasal disguises (Nose Masks I and II), that America (including us Spoon Sisters) seemed to inhale. Like the Beetle and Bell Bottoms, the nose mask is back! So get ready to spruce up your honker with over 150 wacky new designs guaranteed to put a smile under the sniffers of a whole new generation. Printed in four-color and perforated, there is the Nefertootsie, the Lava (as in the lamp), and the Guggy (as in the Guggenheim Museum) and even Buddha. Covering every area imaginable, there are cat, dog and bug nose masks, holiday nose masks, underwater nose masks, career noses masks, modern art nose masks. There are little square nose masks and big vertical nose masks. Mustache nose masks, nose ring nose masks, and the Big Tongue page. Comes with instructions for any-size nose on any-age face. The fit is snug, and the look hilarous. For Birthdays, offices, dinner parties, and of course for Halloween. You are supposed to tear up this book, so if for some reason you want to keep it in two!

via Spoon Sisters

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