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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zombie Question


Question taken from a survey at Zurvivalist....

You are in a grocery store. News reports begin to come in about the undead coming back to life. The crowd starts to go crazy, and you have 5 minutes to grab what you can and escape. What do you take?

Me....I am going to act like this is a Super Walmart or Super Target grocery store. First stop, sporting goods....gun(s), ammo, baseball bat, outdoor cooking gear, radio walkie talkies + supply of batteries and backpack. Second stop, drinkage....water, water, water, water, oh and maybe a few yoo-hoos. Third stop, food.....lots of rice, granola bars, trail mix. Last stop, medicine.....first aid kit, caffeine pills, iodine tablets, multi-vitamin. Head home....Hail to the king, baby!

How about you?

1 comment:

Luke said...

"Shop smart, shop S Mart!"