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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Playing with Google Chrome


Yesterday Google entered the browser market with their beta version of Chrome. If you have not heard about it I would recommend reading about it via this comic put together by Google. Basically Google decided to take a different approach at the browser application when building Chrome. There are some really cool and innovative ideas that they came up with. One that I really like is that each tab is its own process. Why this is great is because when a tab crashes it will only crash that tab and not the whole browser. It also allows you to see what tabs are the memory hogs.

So what are my first impressions? It is fast! Really fast! And it has some really cool features and ideas. I like where it is going and how it is open sourced. With that being said I don't see myself ditching my favorite browser, Firefox, anytime soon. Why? First, I don't like the way it manages and handles bookmarks. I have hundreds and hundreds of bookmarks and I really don't want to use a drop down menu when looking for a bookmark. I love my sidebar in Firefox and wouldn't have it another way right now. Second, I can't live without some of my Firefox add-ons. These will probably be coming soon for Chrome but I can't see myself leaving until then. Another current issue is only available for Windows...No Mac or Linux love yet. Lastly, though I was impressed with speed I found through my own test that Chrome used more memory than Firefox. I opened the same 9 tabs in both browsers and found Chrome using 293,000k while Firefox only used 220,000k.

Regardless Chrome is awesome and especially for a Beta version....try it out!

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