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Monday, September 15, 2008

Troopies365 - A Photography Project by Icedsoul

Icedsoul is 196 days into his 365 day photo project that features Lego Star Wars Storm Troopers in different locations and doing different things. Check out the project here and check out a few of my favorites from his project so far.....


"buuuahahahahaha..." by icedsoul.
"... this just looks hillarious bro hahahahaha."
"how 'bout you guys shutting up and giving me my helmet back!"
"muuuahahahahha! sorry bro but what makes you think it was us? hahahahaha!"
"yeah man! and hahahahaha don't you think that royal guard will miss his helmet? hahahahaha!"


"WE ARE..." by icedsoul.
"...MAAAAGOOoooootssss.... buhuuuuhuhuhuuu!"
"chhh chooa..."
"and we are soooooooo soooooorryyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!"
"chhh chooa..."
"pleaaaaseeeee do not annihilate us!!! pleaaaaaase pleaaase please..."
"chhh chooa..."
"there were at least ten of them sire!!! we just had no chance, we are maggooooots sire and we always will be without your wise and forceguided help!!!"
"chhh chooa... chhh chooa..."

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