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Friday, October 3, 2008


If any of you have been wondering where I have been, I have kinda gone on some sort of hiatus from blogging. I have some important personal events going on in my life and have also kinda lost the desire to blog as well. Hopefully a good break will rekindle the blogging fire in me but if not thanks you to all that have followed us in this blog of randomness.



P.S. - If you are interested, you can find me over at Pownce chatting it up with the great community over there.

P.S.S - Give DiscoNinja a look too


Luke said...

The world is a much darker place w/out teh siblog, I guess I will have to carry the torch.

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Notwithstanding being known in favour of his distinction clients, he scarcely ever gives shoes away – offering discounts preferably to his high-profile fans. This system also extends to his personal family, because he feels that giving shoes away as gifts is unimaginative.

His single biggest customer is Danielle Grit one's teeth, who is reputed to own past 6,000 pairs and is known to would rather purchased up 80 pairs at a heyday when shopping at his stores.

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